Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Archdiocese of Calcutta plans for Synod – 2017

Kolkata : Archdiocese of Calcutta, under the shepherding prowess of Archbishop Thomas D'Souza, came together for their first animation program in preparation for The Diocesan Synod 2017, on 13 March, 2017 at Seva Kendra Calcutta.

Canon 460 describes the diocesan Synodasan "assembly" (coetus) of selected priests and other members of Christ's faithful of a particular Church which, for the good of the whole diocese community, the diocesan Bishop" The Diocesan Synod 2017 will take place at Morning Star College Regional Seminary, Barrackpore from 27th September 2017 to 1st October 2017. The preparatory Committee comprising of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan Core Committee representing priest consecrated men and women and lay faithful will meet regularly to plan for the Synod 2017. The day began with words of we l come by Archbishop, followed by self introduction of the members present.

The Archbishop appreciated and acknowledges the presence of variety of members gathered from various vocations, on religious order and representation. Fr. Franklin opened the proceeding by introducing the purpose and need of a Synod. Canon further says; purpose determines the particular roles to be ascribed to those priests who partake in the work of the Synod "as wise collaborators with the Order of Bishops, their helpers and chosen instruments, and who are called to serve the People of God". The Synod also offers the Bishop the opportunity of calling to cooperate with him and with his priests some members of the laity as well as some chosen religious. This is a particular form that responsibility and concerns all of the faithful in building up the Body of Christ.

 Mrs. Sandhya Vincent , explained the composition of the Synod 2017. She read the names of all the members who are appointed as member of Synod. Mr. Farrell Shah dealt with the Convocation, Preparatory Commission and Synodal Directory. As Secretary of Archdiocesan Social Communication commission Mr. Farrell informed the house of all the media initiatives the commission will carry out in the days to come. A booklet with all the necessary information, a media office, and prayer for recitation throughout the diocese for the success of Synod will be set up soon. Archbishop chaired the final session of the day. He thanked all the members present for the occasion and urged them to work together towards the success of the Synod. He thanked the core committee members for taking out time and planning the details of the Synod meticulously. The day concluded with closing prayer and lunch for all the members.

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